Xbox One – what were they thinking ?

Mostly I don’t get all the flapping about the Xbox one. The people going to suffer most over the restriction on second hand games are blockbuster (oops, too late), and I’m not going to lose any sleep over that. Seems like it will be kind of like Steam, which has been an awesome thing for PC gaming, so meh.


My entire plan for a life of ease post zombie apocalypse was to assemble an army of child scavengers and cannon fodder, who would feed and protect me in exchange for access to console gaming (memo to self: 1. build impregnable zombie fortress. 2. Obtain generator to power console, tv etc)

How is this going to work now ? Given Microsoft’s demonstrable lack of foresight, it’s hard to see they are going to bother zombie proofing their server farms, leaving me to have an awkward conversation with the child army 12 or so hours after day Z when authentication fails.

Ho hum. Just have to hope the world ends between now and November, because obviously that would be better than being forced to buy a PS4 ….